Which Charities Do We Support?

We’re a family business and we do everything we can to put our staff, our customers and their communities first. 


Supporting our charities is at the heart of what we do and we’ve been committed to raising money for our chosen partners for nearly 20 years.  Our staff decide the charities they wish to support and every two years we switch our commitment, so we can help someone new.


At the moment, we’re working with Cancer Research UK and we’re extremely proud of everything we’ve achieved so far.  We’ve raised almost £4 million  - an incredible milestone for us all, bringing us one step closer, to the day all cancers are cured.


And that’s not all….  We’re also working with the British Red Cross in aid of Ukraine.  This year alone, our store teams pulled together a series of charity fashion shows, right across the country, and raised a phenomenal amount of money. 


We care, we’re committed and we’re connected to our community around us, but everything we’ve achieved so far… that’s all down to you.


Thank you for helping us get this far… we hope you can join us on our journey ahead.


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