Like many retailers, M&Co is keen to do their bit to help the environment by recycling, and there are numerous ways in which we do this; 

  • - All of our unwanted hangers are returned to our supplier for recycling,
  • - In accordance with legislation we now also charge 5p per carrier bag in our Scottish, Welsh & Northern Ireland stores in order to encourage bag re-use, and this will be rolled out in England towards the end of 2015.
  • - As it can take hundreds of years for a plastic bag to decompose on a landfill site, all of our plastic carrier bags have the recycling symbol on them, clearly indicating that they are capable of being recycled.
  • - We return a large percentage of our polythene materials (waste polythene bags from our stores nationwide) back to our Head Office for recycling.
  • - We also remove the majority of product packaging materials in store in order to minimise waste being passed on to our customers.

Each Local Authority across the UK has recycling depots. Instead of throwing away unwanted clothing, bags and packaging etc. M&Co would like to encourage all of our customers to do their bit too by recycling what they can. To find out more and to find out where your nearest recycling depot is please click here.

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