How Do I Close My Account?


We’re sorry you’re leaving us.  Are you sure you want to go?


If you’ really want to close your M&Co account, just send us an email and we’ll do the hard work for you. 

You can contact our Customer Care team here. 

We don’t want to close the wrong account, so we’ll need your name, address, postcode and email.  Once it’s closed, you won’t be able to sign in and see your orders - as much as we’d love you back.


If you receive our weekly newsletter, you can unsubscribe at any time.  Just scroll down to the bottom of the last email we sent you and click on UNSUBSCRIBE.  It’s as simple as that.


And if you’d prefer we deleted your personal information completely, exercising your rights under GDPR, then just email and let us know and we’ll remove you from our system, as quickly as we can.

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