When Will I Receive A Loyalty Voucher?

For every 500 points you collect you'll receive a £5 M&Co voucher with your loyalty statement. 

Reward vouchers will be mailed with your M&Co Loyalty Account statement to cardholders who have accumulated a total of at least 500 points by the end of the collecting period.

The end of the next collecting period is on the 13th October 2020 and if you have earned more then 500 points by this date, the next set of vouchers will be with you in the middle of November.

M&Co issue Loyalty Account Statements at regular intervals throughout the year. In preparation for this you may notice your loyalty points dropping the week before you receive your statement.

If you have not reached the minimum number of points needed to qualify for a reward voucher then your points will be carried over to the next collecting period.

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