Ireland Returns With Collect+ & Parcel Motel

It’s easy to return items to M&Co from Ireland for Free

Collect+ has teamed up with Parcel Motel to allow you to return items from over 100 locations across Ireland. Follow the simple instructions below to allow you to drop off your returns 24hrs a day at a Parcel Motel locker near you.


Attach the CollectPlus label

Please attach the returns label to the parcel, ensuring the delivery label is not visible and that your parcel is less than 41cm x 38cm x 64cm.

Can't find the returns label? Create a new label here


Log on to the free returns page

Click here and choose Free Returns With Parcel Motel

Complete the simple registration process and you will be allocated a Parcel Motel Identification Number called a PMID


Book a locker at your chosen Parcel Motel location

Parcel Motel will send you an access code by email


Take your parcel to your Parcel Motel Outlet

Enter the access code to open your locker. Close the door, you will be emailed a receipt

Your return will be processed on arrival at M&Co

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